The Ultimate in Manual Thin Section Machines

The Micro-Sectioneer performs with a degree of precision unequaled in other manual equipment and is engineered throughout for ease of operation. The exclusive micron-head design and digital indicator provide accuracy to one micron. The Micro-Sectioneer has full thin sectioning capability from slabbing and trimming to lapping and polishing. The unique design is very efficient and allows trimming and grinding to be performed in one operation without changing set-ups.

The Micro-Sectioneer is heavily constructed of the finest noncorroding materials and carries our warranty for two full years. It is superbly designed and built to last. The finest precision craftsmanship is apparent throughout.

Features Specifications
Micron Head Equipped with a large dia. micrometer dial graduated in one micron increments and a digital indicator to monitor material removal during grinding. Contains an ultra-precision spindle shaft journaled in smooth running ball bearings with adjustment to completely eliminate "end-play."
Cross Slide Ultra-precision design, smooth action with four stainless steel pre-lubed linear motion ball bearings, fully sealed against contamination. Two feeding methods--"cross-bar" and "cam-lever."
Dual Vacuum Chuck Stainless steel vacuum chuck holds one pair of 27 x 46 mm, 1" x 3", 1-1/2" x 3", 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" glass slides.
Spindle Motor 3/4 HP, 2 speed motor. If required, the motor may be easily removed without affecting the alignment of the machine.
Frame Heavily built of high tensile strength aluminum alloy. Heavy duty, nylon based, adjustable machine mounts.
Grinding Plate 8" (20.32cm) dia., 325 grit, 125 concentration for extra long life. Balanced and checked for true running. Spiral-fluted design promotes free cutting and superior cooling efficiency.
Diamond Blade 8" (20.32cm) dia., 1/8" (.32mm) diamond depth, continuous rim, 1.1mm thick.
Coolant System Built-in recirculating pump, pull-out coolant tray for easy cleaning. Coolant is supplied to the cutting area with flow control. Built-in provision for using tap water cooling for those who want ultra-purity and cooling efficiency for polished thin sections.
Bench Tray Stainless steel, installs between bench and machine and keeps work area clean.
Size 26" (66.04cm) long x 24" (60.96cm) deep x 16-3/4" (42.5cm) high.
Weight Net weight 175 lbs. (113.4kg), gross weight approx. 225 lbs. (136kg)
Power Requirements 120V 60HZ for Domestic Model, 240V 50HZ for Export Model

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