Automatic Thin Sectioning Machine

If your laboratory requires quality soils or rock thin sections produced in large numbers, the Phase III Micro-Trim can streamline your production and ease the work load. Automatic operation frees the operator for other work like impregnation of soils and cutting and analysis of samples. Soils thin sections are most useful in larger sizes, and the Micro-Trim can process thin sections up to 2" x 4". Precise control of thickness is obtained by the high precision built into this machine. Digital readout of material removal is accurate to one micron.

The Micro-Trim is constructed of the highest quality noncorroding materials for long life and dependability and carries our warranty for two full years. Every Micro-Trim is shipped with a two volume video training session covering operation and maintenance of the machine.

Features Specifications

Vacuum Chuck

Holds (7) 27 x 46 mm glass slides (standard). Other sizes available are: (5) 1" x 3", (5) 1-1/2" x 2", (5) 2" x 2", (4) 2" x 3" and (4) 2" x 4". Chuck "rapid travels" between saw cuts to save time and has an on/off valve at each station.

Automatic Feeding System Electronically controlled, variable speed drive. A specially designed adjustable slip clutch maintains constant, even cutting pressure--eliminates "jam-ups" and prevents damage to machine or specimen.
Grinding Plate

10" (25.4 cm) dia. x 3/4" (3.21 cm) thick. 100 diamond concentration for long life. Exclusive spiral-fluted design promotes free cutting and superior cooling efficiency--grinds your thin sections to an extremely smooth and flat finish.

Diamond Blade 10" (25.4 cm) dia. x .045" (1.14 mm) thick continuous diamond rim. Highest quality diamond blade available. Made to our own formulation.
Quill/Spindle Spindle shaft is stainless steel with large diameter mounting flange for grinding wheel and blade stability. Has adjustment to completely eliminate "end play". The spindle has stainless steel ball bearings, pre-lubed, sealed and housed in a precision stainless steel quill.
Micron-Dial Dial has adjustable ring, graduated in 6 micron increments. Ring can be easily reset at any reference point. Used to adjust the amount of material removed during trimming and grinding operations.
Digital Indicator 1 micron readout. For accurate, positive control when adjusting the machine for material removal during trimming and grinding operations.
Coolant System Built-in recirculating pump. Pull-out coolant tray for easy cleaning. Coolant is supplied to the cutting area with flow control. Provisions for using tap water cooling for ultra-purity and cooling efficiency for polishing thin sections. Built-in "easy drain" coolant trap prevents coolant from reaching vacuum pump.
Spindle Motor 1/2 HP, 2 speed motor. If required, the motor may be easily removed without affecting the machine alignment.
Size 21-1/2" (54.6 cm) wide x 16" (40.6 cm) high x 18" (45.7 cm) deep.
Net Weight 134 lbs. (60.8 kg)
Power Requirements 120V 60HZ for Domestic Model or 240V 50HZ for Export Model

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