TRIBUTE TO PAUL CARY Due to the death of Paul Cary in May 2019, Microtec Engineering Laboratories, Inc. will be closing in 2020. If anyone is interested, a buying opportunity still exists for an entrepreneurial type person with mechanical engineering, inventor, or machinist type background to take over the historical thin section manufacturing company. Microtec was founded by Cary in the 1960s in connection with the study and thin sections of mineral samples in the NASA Apollo Moon Mission programs. There are still hundreds of Microtec thin section machines in use around the world which will need future service. More Microtec thin section machines could also be produced (product drawings, tooling, and some parts are still available). Many machines are located in geology labs in the colleges and universities across the USA. Microtec thin section machines are also used in other thin section applications such as analysis of building materials. These type of thin section machines are in use from Tasmania to London. Some supplies, i.e., epoxy and glass slides are still available for sale. This is our tribute to Paul Cary, and our hope is that Microtec will continue with a new leader.

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At Microtec, we have been designing and manufacturing the finest automatic and manually-operated thin sectioning equipment for over 35 years. Our equipment is used by independent laboratories, universities, and government institutions world-wide and has gained a reputation for dependability and service that is unmatched in the industry. Many exclusive refinements developed from years of experience, and our uncompromising commitment to quality are built into each machine we sell.

Please take this opportunity to explore our site and discover the many advantages our products have to offer your thin sectioning operation.

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Petrographic Thin Sectioning Equipment


Fully automatic operation
Processes large specimens
Precise thickness control


Fast and efficient
Unequaled precision
Full capabilities


Advanced design
Full thin sectioning capability
Automatic operation

Accessories and Supplies

Polishing attachments
Diamond blades
Precision glass slides

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